Your Voice - May 2011

Another great edition packed with news that matters to you!  Download a copy here If you find it easier to read a plain text version with no images Download a copy here Read your copy of the newsletter for May 2011 and, if you like what you see, or if you disagree or want to […]

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One thought on “Your Voice – May 2011

  1. Ruby

    Wow another great newsletter. Thank you Peter. I like the many striking titles given on the various subjects- together with the reporting on issues that have affected and will continue to affect those with a disability, their family and carers-especially as the “cuts” begin to bite. So much is going on that affect so many of us directly who have a disability and we really do need to be aware of these things as they impact on our daily lives. So much that we need to know about gets lost by the media due to reporting on so many other things so it great that SDN newsletter is a source to provide this information to us.
    I still have some articles to read and I look forward to doing that over the next few days-likewise I look forward to the next newsletter in June 2011. Many thanks.

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