YourVoice, March 2012

Disappointing MPs; giant Easter eggs; Four Men, a.n.other, and a bowtie … all human life is here (plus a few other types)…surely you must read on! For the Full Version of YourVoice, click here For the Text Only Version, Click here

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2 thoughts on “YourVoice, March 2012

  1. criticalfriend

    Heard something in doctors surgery about people loosing jobs at some printing place in Telford or Shrewsbury-something to do with disabled people. Thought it might be in your paper,can’t see it. May be its a rumour, does anyone know anything about this? If so anyone affected by it?

  2. trevor dickenson Post author

    “You must of heard about Abbey Works in Shrewsbury. It is not a rumour, they are closing down and they enploy disabled people.” This is a real concern to us all at SDN.

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