YourVoice, February 2013

With the savaging – sorry, reform – of benefits now imminent there is plenty to read this month. Plus some brighter news with a great evening out coming up in March – and don’t miss the SDN Quarterly Meeting in March! Click here

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6 thoughts on “YourVoice, February 2013

  1. Ruby

    Thanks Peter and all involved in producing our Newsletter each month. I think this month is exceptional edition with the balance between local and national items just right. Of course SDN can not do this unless our readers inform us about what they are doing, what they are up to and what they have got on. What we need now is to get dialogue going!! Yes, that’s right contact us and help us to continue to be the “Voice” for those with a Disability, their families and Carers in Shropshire including Telford & Wrekin and beyond! So don’t be shy now-let us know what you like about us not forgetting the bits you don’t. Please engage with us and we will engage with you. Thanks to all contributors but a special thanks to Marina our dedicated lady who brings articles to us each month through YouTube.


      What a great news letter, easy to read and understand and very informative articles.

      I like the use of colour and its lay out as it make’s the news letter look inviting and drawing you to read it. Well done to all of you.

      1. Ruby

        Thank you Wendy for your comments. It really helps to know what our readers feel about our presentation etc. This helps us in our work as we take “on board” what people say and will always try to produce our Newsletter/ Website to the highest possible stands. None of this can be done without the dedicated group of volunteers.


    Thank you for continuing to include us in the mailing of your newsletter! We always circulate it among staff as it is so informative on current news and local events. On a personal note I also always pass it onto my mother who has MS and always find it very relevent and interesting to read.
    Thank you once again for the article promoting our Carer’s Support Group. We are delighted to have had a lot of interest in the group, where attendees will be able to talk and share any issues.
    Keep up the good work! SDN is a fantastic charity made up of fantastic volunteers. I hope to see you all soon 🙂

    1. Ruby

      Thank you for leaving us your comments. Really good to read that not only is our publication used at Headway Shropshire but you find it of value to pass on to your Mum. May be other members do similar. We would like to know so if you do similar, please tell us.
      Wishing you well with your new Carer’s Support Group, please let us know how it progresses so that we can report further. Many thanks.

  3. Ruby

    We are grateful to those who send emails to us. Please keep them coming as we need to know what we do well as well the things that we don’t do so well. Thanks to Martin who took time to email our Newsletter Editor with this comment-
    “LOVE the SDN newsletter. I think SDN does a fantastic job, so well done all. I was sent the following from the MS Society.
    The key part is:
    PIP assessors will now be required by law to consider whether claimants can perform activities “to an acceptable standard, safely, repeatedly, and in a reasonable time period”.
    Thank you Martin for sharing this with us. Sharing important information is so important to the work of so if anyone else has comments/information please let us know, just like Martin has.

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