YourVoice, December 2012-January 2013

After a few near-death experiences, YourVoice is here at last. Any feedback about problems opening it would be gratefully received! For the full version, click here

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4 thoughts on “YourVoice, December 2012-January 2013


    Please could you let me know of any social events my daughter and i could attend in 2013, she has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Many thanks… Anne Chambers

    1. Peter Staples Post author

      Thank you Anne for getting in touch. Can you clarify please whether you mean Shropshire Disability Network social events or any other Social Events that we know of.

    2. Sid

      I have difficulty relating social events to diabetes, is there something you are looking for? Does it have to be related to Diabetes? Also useful would be knowing how old your daughter is and far you wish to travel from your home. I could then suggest some venues or support groups.

  2. Sid

    The only way the government can keep wages low is by maintaining an unhealthy large number of unemployed and then forcing them into low-paid jobs using policies that target those same unemployed people, be they able-bodies or dis-abled. We now also have the deserving and undeserving labels back in use. The last time the labels were used were in the 80’s when get on your bike was a popular song from the same political elite. WHO is fighting our corner?

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