Your Chance to Own a Copy of “Why are you pretending to be Normal?”

Opportunity to purchase the book “Why are you pretending to be Normal?” and to swell our funds at the same time. 

At our Craven Arms meeting on 12th June, Dave Rees co-author of Why are you pretending to be Normal gave a very informative talk about how He & Dr Phil Friend OBE came to write this book. Several of us took the opportunity to purchase a copy and Dave offered to donate £1 from each copy sold at the meeting towards our funds. This kind gesture has now been extended to anyone who wishes to purchase a copy via us. 

Dr Phil Friend with Lizzie Evans, Fundraising & Publicity Officer from Headway, Shropshire

Dr Phil Friend with Lizzie Evans, Fundraising & Publicity Officer from Headway, Shropshire

Looking around the room while Dave was talking it was very evident that people were intrigued about how it came to be written, why and for whom. After all, the title of the book raises all sorts of ideas! In the book, it asks the questions that anyone with a disability needs to ask themselves. Dave made us think, think about words that we use, questions that we ask, reasons why we react to questions asked & more.  A full report on Dave‘s presentation will be in our Mid July copy of “Your Voice so we don’t want to repeat what you can read in the next few weeks. 

Here is a taster of this book, which has the Foreword written by Tanni Grey-Thomson DBE.

Tanni writes “This book masterfully guides the reader to an understanding of the importance of the social model of disability and will be extremely useful to a wide audience who want to learn and understand about the impact language has on peoples lives” Further on She writes “If other people understood more about my needs and felt able to ask me, instead of making assumptions (which are quite often the wrong ones) then my life would dramatically improve.” 

In the book a comparison is made to acquiring a disability with that of bereavement. “When you become disabled you also have to go through that same cycle of emotions because you have lost something, whether it’s something physical-because you can no longer walk or move other parts of your body-or whether it’s the loss of independence or anything else. It is also the loss of the person you used to be……..Therefore you go through the same emotions of shock, denial, frustration, anger and all the other stages of grief until you come to accept it-if you ever do!” 

As one reviewer of this book wrote “If you or someone you know wants to understand disability better, how it fits in society today, this is a great place to start…” 

As one SDN member said “whether you are a Carer, someone born with an impairment or acquired a disability this is a “must read” for £6 it is well worth it. It is a book I need on my shelf not to stay there but to use as a guide & learning tool from the tips given” 

To order your copy of this book, please email to get details of how to pay & purchase from us. Thank you.

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