Write To Your MP: The Cuts To Shropshire’s Funding Affects You

Everybody will be aware by now of the devastating cuts in public funding facing Shropshire Council to the extent that by 2020, the end of the current Parliament, the County will be left with just 25% of its current levels of funding to meet the needs of the people of the County.

It is clear that as a large geographical area with a small sparse population the County is being penalised by the lack of recognition of the unique difficulties that it faces in delivering services.

Voluntary organisations are writing to the Shropshire MPs to highlight the grave injustice that the County is facing. We have attached a form letter below which is a modified version of that which Voluntary Organisations are sending. We are urging you to join the lobby for a fairer settlement for the people of Shropshire and to write to your MP. We offer the template as your starter for ten but feel sure that you will make your views known .

MPs letter Shropshire Feb 2016

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