Do you need to register to vote on Thursday 8th June? Why Vote?

With the General Election fast approaching we remind you, the deadline to register for a vote is Monday 22nd May.

Can we make a difference? Disabled people make up 1 in 5 of the UK population, that includes all who live with a long term health condition or disability. Let’s make our vote count!

Before we can vote, we must be registered to vote in the General Election taking place on Thursday 8 June. You don’t need to register again if you’ve already registered. 

Not registered?  You can also use this link to update your details on the electoral register, change your voting preferences etc. Click on this link

Many of us will not have decided how to vote or may be thinking shall I vote or is it worth it? Over the next couple of weeks we can expect leaflets to drop through our letter boxes and to get  a knock on the door from campaigners. To help us, Disability Rights UK suggests three questions we should ask candidates in our constituencies. Click here to read what they suggest

SDN Chair says “Voting shows trends, so it is obvious all political parties develop policies and make promises to take advantage of the people who use their vote. If we want the “voice” of “disability” to be heard, then please make sure you are registered to vote & take part in this next General Election”


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