Wheels for All, Cycling for All Abilities-Ludlow

Start Date:
13th February 2016

End Date:
13th February 2016

Start Time:
11 am

End Time:
2 pm

Event title: Wheels for All, Cycling for All Abilities
Venue: Ludlow Leisure Centre, Ludlow SY11 2SZ
Name: Ian Tierney
Email: ian.tierney@cycling.org.uk
Telephone: 07709 140 910 or 01925 234213
Event description: Wheels for All Shropshire holds many sessions so that people of all abilities can try cycling. Why not join us, we have sessions across the county at weekends, after school & through the school holidays.

We have adapted cycles to suit all abilities at all our sessions. Every session is supported by skilled, trained & experienced staff.

These events are for you & your family, friends and carers. You can all join in, if you want & enjoy!
To book a cycle or to know more about the session, please contact Ian Tierney on 07709 140 910 or 01925 234213 or email ian.tierney@cycling.org.uk

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