Wheel benefits for patrons of Premier Inn

 Wheel benefits for patrons of Premier Inn, as Shropshire Council bosses look into whether it is feasible to open Raven Meadows Car Park 24/7! 

Following on from our Press Release last week re plans for a ramped access at the Premier Inn, making the hotel accessible to all, we are delighted that Shropshire Council have announced that the prospect of round-the-clock opening hours at Raven Meadows Car Park is under consideration 

car-parkRuby Hartshorn- Deputy Chairperson of SDN said “ From the meeting we had with Premier Inn officials, we know that if this is agreed it will make a huge difference to those using this car park/hotel. Once the Car Park is closed for the day, if someone needs emergency access to their car it comes at a big cost. Also residents have to plan their stay very carefully or face problems by parking elsewhere etc.There are also “drop off” issues that need addressing as if people are being dropped off, there are no drop off points outside the hotel” 

SDN are very pleased that Premier Inn & Shropshire Council are working together and we are pleased to be engaged in discussions in what we hope will be positive outcomes for everyone. 

Moving on, the revamp of the Riverside Shopping Centre, Shrewsbury could bring wheely good benefits for people with all kinds of disabilities as well as parents with babies & toddlers. We see a golden opportunity developing here & we would be delighted to engage in a dialogue with the developers of this area of Shrewsbury to make Frankwell Footbridge accessible for those with a range of disabilities

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