What The Parliamentary Candidates Say

On your behalf Shropshire Disability Network wrote to each of the candidates for the election on the 8th June and asked them for their views on disability and carers. Their responses are below click the link for each one to see what they have to say. First our letter to each of them:

Dear Parliamentary Candidate,

We are a local charity working to improve the lives of those people
living with, or caring for someone with, a disability. The imminent
General Election on June 8th, will allow you to send a signal to the one
in five persons with impairments or long term health conditions living
in our area.

Our members are interested in hearing from you on the following matters
of importance in their lives. Your response will be published on our
website (insert link). We are contacting all relevant Parliamentary
Candidates and we will also let our members know whether anyone has not
addressed our concerns. Your answers will influence the way our members
vote. We would appreciate your response by May 30th 2017.

1. Are you committed to the rights of disabled people to participate
fully in society? Do you support our right to independent living,
accessible transport, education, employment and public life?

2. Are you committed to a health and care system that enables disabled
people to lead full independent lives? Will you work on a social funding
solution that offers all disabled people more choice and control in
their lives? What are you going to do about the amount we have to pay in
social care charges?

3. Will you make changes in the way the benefits system works for
people living with a disability? Will you replace Work Capability
Assessments and the sanctions regime for disabled persons claiming
benefit? Will you commit to preventing further benefits cuts in the 
next Parliament?

Emma Bullard (Green Party Shrewsbury & Atcham)

Graeme Currie (Labour North Shropshire)

Lucy Allan (Conservative Telford)

Philip Dunn (Conservative South Shropshire)

Rod Keyes (Liberal)

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