What Is Safe Shropshire?

A community led initiative supported by West Mercia Police, Mencap, Shropshire Disability Network, Shropshire Council, Taking Part, was launched on Thursday 4th July 2013 at the Guildhall Shrewsbury.

So what is this really all about and how can you help by becoming a Safe Place and/or promoting this among your colleagues, family and friends?

Hate CrimeHate crime image
  • Vulnerable people in the community are often victims of crime
  • As many as 9 out of 10 have had a hate crime committed against them
  • Many suffer on a regular basis
  • A lot of these crimes take place in public places around our towns and communities.
Can you help?police image
  • Working with West Mercia Police we have now launched ‘Safe Places’ in Shropshire to support vulnerable people in our towns and communities. We started in Shrewsbury Town Centre and Church Stretton. Since 2013 we have signed up 31 towns/areas
    & are now re-visiting them so that everything is kept up to date & new organisations can become aware & join us. Since 2016 we have started signing up Shopping Outlets on retail parks. We continue to receive further enquiries from other areas asking how they can also role this scheme out.

What are Safe Places?

‘Safe Places’ are a short term safe place for vulnerable people who feel threatened.

How do they work?

  • Shops businesses and public buildings sign up to the project.
  • Staff are briefed in what to do if someone needs help (see below).
  • The premises that sign up are provided with a sticker symbol that goes in a visible place in the window.
  • The scheme is supported by West Mercia Police. Local Police Community Support Officers are aware of where local Safe Places are.
  • People using the ‘Safe Places’ Project are given a card by the organisations involved which has the same Safe Places symbol as the window sticker. They add details of people to contact if help is needed. Not everyone carries a Safe Place card, but many do as they can be useful. Cards can also be obtained from safeplaceschair@gmail.com or safeplacessecretary@gmail.com
  • If the person feels threatened or has a crime committed against them while they are out in the community they can come into any ‘Safe Places’ premises to ask for support.

What to do if someone comes in to your premises and shows you a Safe Places card:

  • Offer support, for example: somewhere to sit and calm down; help to phone a family member to come and pick them up or help to phone the police non-emergency number 101 to report concerns or seek advice
  • In an emergency call 999 to speak to the police
  • All the people using the service will have relevant phone numbers with them

How to Report Hate Crime?

Don’t report Hate Crime to Us, please use 101 for non-emergency and 999 in case of an emergency. However, if you feel you can’t report it yourself, then send an email to us at: hatecrime@shropshire-disability.net or call 07780 852229 so that we can act appropriately.