What is behind us-Shropshire Disability Network & what have we been up to recently?

People sometimes ask-what is SDN about? What do you actually do? Why do you need funding? Our website & newsletter can easily be seen & members get invites to meetings but what may not be so obvious is-the signposting work we do, the talks/presentations & events we attend, organising of our meetings & events & much more.

Here our Deputy Chairperson, Ruby gives you a bit of incite into our work.

“We have a Management Committee of 10 who meet monthly to ensure that as a charity & volunteer run organisation we are delivering to the best of our ability. That includes planning our quarterly meetings, reporting back if any of us have attended as SDN representatives at meetings, events ie Patient Participation Group Awareness Day at Mount Pleasant Medical Practice, Pan Disability Forum, Shropshire Inclusively Fit Project, Safe Place Shropshire Committee. There are many events, meetings that we are involved with enabling us to reach many of you.”

She said “We also need to discuss funding, where it is coming from & for what ie production of our 6 weekly newsletter-”YourVoice” needs producing, editing, proof reading. We need 150 copies to post out & use for publicity. The demand for this is increasing & legally we can not allowed to make a charge for something available on-line but not accessible to everyone for whatever reason.

Then we need membership leaflets, publicity leaflets so that we can use them on our stands, have them in libraries, GP practices, public places & many places of interest. Apart from envelopes, postage etc to post out “YourVoice” we need stationery (laminating pouches, paper, consumables for our laser printer, stamps) so that we can print items for meetings as well as awareness days. Not everyone has IT access so will respond to these enquiries via the post. We have website costs, maintenance & upgrades & as volunteers we need to re-imburse them for “out of pocket” expenses. ie an event may involve a cost ie stand, entry fee & a cost involved in attending ie taxi, bus/train fare. SDN needs equipment to purchase & maintain ie projector, sound system, information stands & promotional materials. The shopping list is ongoing but enables us to be the “voice” & place for information on disability across geographical county of Shropshire. We must have insurance etc”

As Ruby said at our last Members Meeting in June, “We steer a very tight ship & use all monies raised for the benefit of our members so we ask that you support us at our fund-raisers. By supporting us, you help us deliver & reach many people”

Behind the Management Committee are several volunteers, enabling much of our work to happen. They help at Princess Royal Awareness Days, Supermarket Collections, others ensure the website & social media sites are updated, write blogs, deliver our leaflets to various places etc . We wish to thank all our volunteers for all they do. Reading this, if you wish to get involved call 07780 852 229 or email admin@shropshire-disability.net  

One piece of work we recently engaged in was with the RJ & AH Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital. They contacted us to see if we would engage in the roll out of a National Scheme re Learning Disabilities & Carers -they want to adapt it to meet the needs of all types of disability so we were pleased to be approachedRuby said “It was valuable to us that we were engaged in discussions, looking at the kit & bantering adaptations. One of SDN volunteers Joe Evans is now giving advice to Maryse MacKenzie who leads on this project re sensory impairment & the best way that they can engage with people. We have also linked Maryse to various organisations who will be interested as everyone needs to know about it. RJ & AH Orthopaedic Hospital will have copies of YourVoice available for patients & visitors. Pam, one of our Management Team attended the launch of the project recently. 

This is an ongoing piece of work & we are pleased to be working with RJ & AH Orthopaedic Hospital on this. 

Maryse has alerted us to this blog which we think will be of interest to our readers.

Transforming care for people with learning disabilities progress report published https://socialcare.blog.gov.uk/2015/07/03/transforming-care-for-people-with-learning-disabilities-progress-report-published/ 










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