SDN Newsletter, Your Voice February 2011, out now

It’s two months since the last edition of Your Voice; most of us have had our minds on Christmas and New Year celebrations, but the cuts have continued relentlessly on, so this edition is full of news about how they are affecting us here in Shropshire.

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3 thoughts on “SDN Newsletter, Your Voice February 2011, out now

  1. Ruby

    Wow-another fantastic, well presented newsletter that is stacked full of so much useful information again this month.I still have a lot of articles to read! Many, many thanks to Sally -you do SDN proud and I can not say “thank you” enough. Will other readers also please tell us their thoughts on our newsletter. You will read in this edition, Sally will be retiring soon and taking a much earned rest but we need help to continue producing “Your Voice” Read in the newsletter that if You can help, how to find out more. Thank you.

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  3. Martin

    Another well presented Newsletter and very informative. Well done Sally. I was sadened to read the awful treatment by Atos and wish all those who appeal the best of luck. People facing Cancer or a diagnosis of Cancer should never be caused extra worry like this. I congratulate the 2 Doctors who spoke out and hope more come forward. To even insult Disability by choosing cuts this way is appauling. Surely the Court of Human Rights should be informed. I did listen to debates on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction and was Horrified at the attitude. Alcoholism is a very serious illness and is not, or should not be confused with those who choose to live life in public houses. I have watched people die, some in their 20s, I lost a very dear friend from Telford and one from Stoke. What I saw at Stoke sticks in my mind as the person was in Bed, the bed badly burned by smoking Drunk. I was told this person was dialing 999 for help, as a result of too many calls BT operator restricted the phone, hence this person is now dead. Now we are all living on Camerons Plannet we must look forward to far more of sad stories like this.
    Martin Recovering Alcoholic now 21 years sober. and long term AA Member.

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