Virtual House Tour

Telford Independent Living Centre Virtual House is ready for you to view. This interactive tour showing examples of Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology and Sensory aids, equipment and solutions that may be helpful to you or a family member to do daily activities around the home.

Within the tour you will find information about these items including where they can be purchased*.

  • You should carefully consider whether items would be suitable for you and you are confident that they will meet your needs; especially if you are considering equipment that will affect your safety, balance, mobility or ability to summon help.
  • If you purchase an item, we cannot reimburse you for this.
  • Please follow the instructions provided with the product including weight restrictions on the item.
  • You may be eligible for VAT relief on some items, visit the GOV.UK website to find out more information about VAT relief 

If you would like to view and try some of this equipment in person before purchasing you can do so by clicking this link where you can talk to a member of our team about the items. 

*Please note: the tour contains examples of items that are available, other items are available that are not displayed in the virtual house tour. The Council does not recommend or endorse any items or the retailers suggested in the tour. Prices are included as a guide and were correct at the time the tour was created and may be subject to change.

Guidance on viewing the tour:

  • the navigation is smoother if you view the tour in Google Chrome
  • try to view the house while you are connected to the internet (WiFi), rather than mobile data (4G)
  • the quality of the tour can depend on the strength of your internet connection.

Click here to watch the Virtual Tour and read further information:


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