Useful Resources from Mobilise

Courtesy of Mobilise we share with you some useful resources that may help you while we are in our second lockdown. Thanks to some grant funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and InnovateUK, they are able to make our resources available to anybody supporting carers.

Here Mobilise share a short blog on dealing with change and uncertainty: This blog includes a short video on how to manage anxiety, click on this link to listen/watch

To have routines in place can really help you when you are a carer. This link is A guide to some of the routines that helped a Carer get through Lockdown (Pt 1): By clicking on the following link you can watch/listen to a Suzanne a carers coach at Mobilise talk about her thinking on having routines in place.

Emergency Care Plan is very useful to have in place at anytime but more so with this pandemic. This link will show you how to make a basic ’emergency plan’

Mobilise are a community of people helping each other look after someone they love by sharing online resources.  To find out more about Mobilise and what the tools they can offer you as a carer, click here:

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