Update on Shropshire Pilot People2People and how you might benefit – tell us what you think

SDN broke the news, literally, about the Shropshire Pilot in April this year, and set out its hopes for the way this might benefit those who wanted to take control of their care  (here) and be at the centre of the decision making process about the care they receive.  The scheme is all about social workers working in a very different way to support individuals in the community and, if it is to achieve its target,  is a big step away from a very traditional and ingrained approach to assessing care needs.  It will require a significant change in culture for social workers who will need to move to doing “with” and away from doing “for” and “to”.  It will need people who are able to support clients nervous about taking back control and encourage them to do so in a way that improves their quality of life. 

SDN member Ruby Hartshorn tells us a little more about what it is and how it should work.  Why not have a look at what she says, and follow the link back to the original aspirations set out last April.  Then tell us what you think.   There is also information on Shropshire Council’s website here  There is also an interesting video (in which our Ruby features) about People2People and its aspirations here

  • Is it on target?  
  •  Is it looking as if it is goingto do what it set out to do?  
  • Should anything be done differently to make this exciting pilot a big success  for those who use care services?  Click here for more information and to read Ruby’s report

2 thoughts on “Update on Shropshire Pilot People2People and how you might benefit – tell us what you think

  1. Ruby

    Latest news on this project-People2People have won their bid for a share of £450,000 to further this project.I discovered via the internet this morning that winners were announced yesterday-16th December as follows-“Keeping Connected Business Challenge” is a national challenge for UK business to develop innovative services that keep older adults better connected. Teams of businesses and designers were invited to submit proposals for a share of £450,000 of funding to develop their ideas for connecting older adults.The idea: to help older people reignite their passions and interests through a ‘self‐help cooperative’ that provides mentoring and coaching.”.
    SDN will give further details on the winning bids.Congratulations to the team from People2People & all involved in putting together a winning proposal. I am sure Shropshire Council will be pleased that they were selected as winners. I have said I will keep all our members informed about how People2People develops. I was at another meeting recently and I hope to update you all shortly. Keep looking……


  2. criticalfriend

    Gosh a share of £450,000 is no small sum of money. Does anyone have any information about how this funding is being used to help older people? I note this happened in December 2011 so has SDN any news to tell us?

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