United Kingdom Disabled People’s Council

email: ceo@ukdpc.net
phone: 020 8522 7433
Stratford Advice Arcade, 107-109 The Grove, Stratford, London, E15 1HP

A charity that works for the full inclusion of disabled people in society and the workplace. UKDPC believes that inclusion is a human rights and civil liberties issue that must be effectively tackled. By working in partnership with disabled people’s organisations, the government and other bodies, and that equality can be achieved.

Membership includes local, regional and national organisations. They work with over 300 disabled people’s organisations, and are running consultation and capacity building events all over the country. These events aim to strengthen the role of disabled people’s organisations, as it is only through them that true equality can be achieved.

The issues UKDPC are working on at this time include:

  • Working with the government to ensure that a comprehensive programme is in place to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and to ensure that UKDPC is a central part of the monitoring and evaluation process;
  • Building the capacity of DPOs through the Disability LIB (Listen, Include, Build) Alliance. This is a three-year project to strengthen and support local groups of disabled people;
  • Promoting independent living at local level by supporting the initiative to create a centre for independent living in every local authority area by 2010;
  • Working with the Home Office and other parties to ensure the proper recognition of disability hate crime and to ensure that this issue is dealt with through an improvement in both policies and procedures;
  • Providing information and advice on key issues that impact on disabled people’s lives.

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