Understanding Family Dynamics. An Adfam Event.

Start Date:
25th June 2011

End Date:
25th June 2011


Saturday 25th June- Understanding Family Dynamics

Where: Shrewsbury.

Do you support someone who is using drugs or alcohol to excess? Adfam Workshops being hosted by The Community Council of Shropshire may be of help to you.

Living with and supporting someone who is using drugs or drinking to excess is difficult and distressing. It can destroy relationships, wreck your peace of mind and can result in outbursts of aggression and violence.

Many families and friends in this situation don’t know where to go for help and don’t want to involve professionals out of shame, fear and belief that they can’t be helped.

If you are living with or supporting someone who is misusing drugs or alcohol we can help. We can offer support, information and an assessment of your needs if that is what you want.

We recognise how hard it can be to  change family relationships when they are stuck in negative patterns or when you are covering up for, trying to control or subsidising another person’s habit.

But… you can change the way you manage your own feelings

and actions. The Community Council have organised 3 one day workshops in Shrewsbury for family members that will be run by specialists Adfam, who work with families living with someone who uses drugs and/or alcohol.

Adfam is a national organisation offering information, support, training and support to families affected by some ones drug or alcohol misuse.

The workshops are informal and practical-to help you cope better and fee: more in control of your own life.

Each workshop will give you the chance to talk with others in similar situations and show practical strategies to help you cope more effectively.

These workshops are free and we can help with the cost of travel. Lunch and refreshments are also provided.

To get more information and/or book a place call:

Glenda on 01743 –  341995.

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