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UCanDoIt is no longer a going concern and is closed 


UCanDoIT was a charity teaching blind, deaf and disabled people a range of computer skills including email, the Internet and basic word processing in their own homes.

Over the past 10 years nearly 3,000 learners, with over 80 different disabilities, have graduated from our course. We teach disabled learners from all backgrounds, all age groups and specialise in training individuals using specialist software and hardware.

Many disabled people are unable to attend classes, which is why UCanDoIT provides a CRB checked tutor to give them lessons on a one-to-one basis, in their own homes, on their own computers.

This is the story of Beryl, 79, who lives near Telford, Shropshire:

Beryl says “I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration 7 years ago – I had laser treatment  but the degeneration couldn’t be halted.   When this happened I was retired from teaching  but I still taught on a one to one basis. I was determined that my life should go on as normally as possible. As a sighted person and keen reader I had little interest in computers and had always enjoyed writing by hand, but I quickly realised that a computer was going to be a necessity.

I have always been interested in current affairs and I so miss being able to read newspapers. I need to learn how to operate the web to keep myself informed and up to date. For instance – how do I access a ‘blog’? Last year, together with three other macular suffers/carers we set up a Telford branch of the Macular Disease Society. As you can imagine, this very much necessitates the use of the computer.

I tried my local College and signed on for a 6 month course which I attended every session. They were totally incapable of loading up the programme that I was supposed to be working on – it was a total waste of time and money. I also was directed to the local library that had the computers but no tuition.     I needed and still need help from someone who understands the specific problems of a macular condition and has the patience to work with an impatient, frustrated but keen elderly student. Where else could I get it?”

UCanDoIT is a registered charity and charges just £5 per lesson for learners on a low income and works on a sliding scale for those on higher incomes. The charity receives no funding from Central Government and very little from local Government and relies on grants and donations to continue its work.

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