Transport – all over Shropshire you can access community transport

The Community Transport scheme is run by 8 different schemes across Shropshire.  All of them use volunteers, have mini buses and can provide group or individual travel services. All of them have wheelchair access vehicles.

If you can’t use public transport, or simply don’t have accessto it, the community transport scheme is there to help. You might not be able to walk to a bus stop, or you might need assistance to travel, or you could live somewhere so rural that there are no buses!  You might want to organise a group of people to go to an event and travel to gether.   The schemes offer door to door transport in local areas,and they are there to help you.  Just ask!  Click here to download the flyer which gives you details of the schemes, where they operate and the contact telephone numbers for each one.

Alternatively call the ShropshireLink on 0345 6789068 and they will give you the necessary details about your local group.

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