Traineeship Opportunity at Attingham Park

The role we have available is part of the Passport to your Future scheme, which is about offering people with a passion for the work we do to come and train with us. We’re not looking for qualifications or work experience, just plenty of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. In particular, we’d welcome applications from the long-term unemployed, or people with physical disabilities. We want to become better at attracting people from all walks of life into our workforce. That’s why we’re using this project to help us to reach out to people at present under-represented in the National Trust community. We hope to embed the learning we gain from doing this in our long term recruitment processes.

In return, we offer a job for a year, full training, a Heritage Skills Passport and a really impressive portfolio to take away. The successful candidate will be paid minimum wage, but much more than that, we’ll share our knowledge and skills with them so that they can continue to work in beautiful places like Attingham for the rest of their career.

The specific opportunity we have at Attingham is to join as a Visitor Experience trainee. The trainee will learn the skills that

National Trust professionals need to know to look after our visitors, give them an amazing experience and bring the spirit of our places alive for all to enjoy.  They’ll be taught how to really look after our visitors and how to use their enthusiasm to bring our magnificent places alive. They will also learn how to use history and hands-on activities to inspire people.

If you’d like to find out more, then please visit –, which gives you a general introduction to the scheme and what it’s all about, and then – to see the specific opportunity we have available at Attingham.

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