Tinnitus Support Group Launch in Telford!

Start Date:
4th February 2014

End Date:
4th February 2014

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:
12 noon

Event title: Tinnitus Support Group Launch in Telford!
Venue: Education Centre, Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 6TF.
Weblink: www.signal.org.uk
Name: James Cousins
Email: info@signal.org.uk
Telephone: 01743 358356
Event description: 

Telford support group launches in Tinnitus Awareness Week

Shropshire-based charity Signal has teamed up with the Audiology department at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust to facilitate a support network for people living with tinnitus.

The support group is starting up in the Telford area on 4th February to coincide with the national Tinnitus Awareness Week. This follows the successful launch of a similar group in the Shrewsbury area in November 2013.

One in ten people in the UK have some degree of tinnitus, the condition where you hear noises, such as ringing, hissing or humming, from inside your body rather than from an outside source. The condition can impact upon everyday life, affecting concentration or causing sleeping problems or depression.

People with tinnitus, or the rarer condition hyperacusis, are invited to join the support groups to share their own experiences and find out more about different ways of managing the conditions. Hyperacusis is characterised by an extreme sensitivity to everyday sounds.

The Telford support group gets underway today at 10am. Participants will be able to speak to professionals from the Audiology department and will have access to information from the British Tinnitus Association.

 Come along to share experiences and find out more about coping strategies. Tea and biscuits too!

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