Thursday 22nd June. 1 Day only- Localgiving doubles one-time donations!

Would you please help us by donating anything from £2 to £25 on Thursday 22nd June 2017 to help fund our work? Read on to find out how your donation can be doubled.

This week is Small Charities Week, an opportunity for small charities like ours (Shropshire Disability Network) to raise our profile. Each day is designated to something different ie Big Advice Day, Fundraising Day, Celebration Day (see Small Charities Week under our Events tab)

On 22nd June Local Giving says “This is our chance to celebrate and support the work of the thousands of small charities working in our communities up and down the UK everyday. Throughout the day we will be doubling one-time donations pound-for-pound up to £25 through our This means that for every £25 donation with Gift Aid your group will receive an impressive £54.34! 

Starting at 10 am on Thursday 22nd June, Localgiving will be doubling one-time donations to local charities pound-for-pound by up to £25! The campaign will take place on Fundraising Day as part of Small Charity Week 2017, launching at 10:00 and running until the fund (25k) runs out, or 23:59 – whichever comes first.

If you would like to donate to our work ie funding this website click on this link:

Thank you, if you can help us raise funding to meet the costs of this website, our newsletter, a piece of equipment etc it would be appreciated and help so many of our members in this county.





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