The World’s First Poetry Pharmacy

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, we share with you a very exciting project happening in Bishops Castle, “The World’s First Poetry Pharmacy.

The grand plan is for a venue laid out as though it were a traditional pharmacy; instead of sections for skincare, and plasters and bandages, it will be a walk-in pharmacy dispensing poetry. Move through the building according to your mood-  from‘Matters of the Heart’ to ‘For days when the world is too much with us’ and find books, stationery, gifts and local art work chosen to address a particular mood.  Speak to the Dispensing Pharmacist who might prescribe you some poetic medicine for a complicated mix of emotions…or if it’s more serious, lie down on the consulting couch and have a full length consultation with poems hand-picked for your emotional ailment.

To read more about this exciting project, click the link below:

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