The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

The sun has finally arrived and what better time to get outside and try something new. From an amble around the Quarry to trying a new activity such as cycling there’s lots going on but often we just don’t know how to get started. 

If you currently do little or no physical activity or sport and who want to get fit and healthier then look no further.  Loughborough University have produced a series of guides to help.

Terri Graham, a research assistant in the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC) at Loughborough University who compiled the resource, said:

“The aim of the guides is to improve peoples’ understanding of what they can do to improve their health and fitness as a disabled person.

“All of the disability-specific information they may normally have to spend hours searching for is now all in one place. It allows the reader to progress at their own pace through the guide, or they can simply dip into topics that are relevant to them.”

The guides are available in print format and are downloadable online at Hard copies are also available so please give me a ring if you would like me to send you one.

In my role as disability lead at the County Sports Partnership I feel very lucky to work with some incredibly passionate people around the county who are striving to make sure sporting opportunities are available for all. So committed are these individuals that we now meet quarterly to share ideas and opportunities.  Even better than this is that we take it in turns to host the meetings which gives us an opportunity to see different parts of the county and the great work that is taking place within our community.  Our last meeting was held at Albrighton Trust.  Featured previously on the SDN website this is a MUST SEE.  Offering educational and recreational activities for disabled and SEN children and young people I couldn’t think of a better place to spend a morning discussing disability sport.  Through hardwork and determination Sandie and her small team have created a wonderfully inclusive setting.  This I’m happy to say is just one of many excellent facilities that Shropshire has to offer. 

And finally, hopefully you’ve already read about the SDN Gold Challenge.  I met with Ruby a number of weeks ago and she was bubbling with excitement about the challenge.  Sometimes we all need that little bit of extra motivation to get us going, whether its walking to the shops rather than taking the car or doing that thai chi class that we’ve always said we would do.  Last weekend as the sun was burning down on my shoulders as I struggled round the Shrewsbury half marathon I needed that little bit of extra motivation.  The crowds support was fantastic and the fact that I could get home and log 21kms as part of the SDN Gold Challengers  goal of achieving 2014km by the end of the year made it all the more worthwhile.  I encourage you to join the teams completing in the SDN Gold Challenge, every metre counts and together we can hopefully achieve our goal of raising £2014 for SDN. 

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