Thanking our Volunteers- A Message from the High Sheriff of Shropshire

On Saturday 10th September Ruby our Chairperson with SDN Member Jenny Dickenson had a lovely afternoon at RAF Cosford guests of the High Sheriff of Shropshire who held a tea party -“Celebrating Volunteering in Shropshire” 

We met many lovely people, all volunteers from various organisations across Shropshire. We were treated to refreshments including some delicious cakes. RAF Cosford Military Wives choir really set the scene to thank volunteers with a medley of songs including “Stronger Together”.

In a video made specially for this celebration, Christine Holmes, High Sheriff gave a very powerful message & asked that we share her message of thanks to all who volunteer for us.

She said “It simply does not matter why you volunteer, it just matters that you do and I thank you for that. And despite what many may think, volunteering does not come free. It costs to travel, to dress appropriately. All of you incur costs & many of you shoulder them yourselves. Once again I thank you for that”.

She continued “Volunteers have existed since time immemorial & have always provided valuable help and services. But we are moving into a new era of volunteers increasingly providing core and essential services”

SDN  knows if it were possible all  our volunteers would have been invited to attend but that just was not possible. However Christine has asked that we share her message of thanks with all who volunteer for us. 

A personal Message from the High Sheriff to all who volunteer. “Thank you to everyone who attended the celebration of volunteering today. I could only invite a small cross section of the excellence of volunteers in Shropshire so I ask you to take back the message of thanks and support to all who did not attend”

SDN also wishes to thank all our volunteers, whether helping at bucket collections, Awareness days, at meetings, on the Management Committee or behind the scenes ie website work, blogging representing us at meetings/events.

If you would like to volunteer for us and help share in what we do please call SDN Mobile on 07780 852 229 or email for opportunities.

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