Telford United to launch new scheme for supporters who care

AFC Telford United is teaming up with Telford & Wrekin Council, Clinical Commissioning Group and local voluntary and community groups –including the Shropshire Disability Network to develop a programme of support for and engagement with supporters who have caring responsibilities and for the people they care for.

The Club has an existing scheme which enables carers to get into games free with the person that they care for paying a concessionary price. This new project will seek to highlight this offer to attract new supporters to the club.

It is estimated that in Telford there are 18,000 people over the age of 5 years providing unpaid care approximately 2,000 of these carers (adults/children) are known to Telford & Wrekin Council.

With a growing elderly population and more people with caring responsibilities, the football club recognise this group of people could become increasingly important in building and maintaining our fan base.

Lee Carter managing Director at AFC Telford United said ‘We have a very proud history and inclusion is at the heart of the Club’s values. The Club has developed a strong reputation for ‘caring’ both for its own supporters and those facing disadvantage in the wider community. Football has been shown as a great resource for bringing people together and promoting opportunities.

Carers like all supporters want to have an enjoyable and positive experience when they come to the Bucks Head and this scheme will seek to understand better the needs of carers and those that they care for to encourage others to come and become long term supporters.”

Amanda White the Club’s newly appointed Carers Champion said “We want to find out about the stories of the club’s carers and the people they care for. Over the coming weeks we will be circulating a questionnaire and will be launching the project at the Leamington Spa game on 7th December.”

Ruby Hartshorn Press/Publicity Officer from the Shropshire Disability Network said: “This is an excellent community-spirited campaign that highlights the fantastic contribution that carers make .

I would like to congratulate and thank the club for running this scheme which means carers can get in to games free of charge with the people they care for paying a discounted admission fee.

I know the Club is keen to hear from our members about ideas for making football more accessible at Telford and is holding an open day before the game against Lemington Spa on 7th December to encourage our members to experience football first hand . .”

If you would like to attend the game on the 7th December please contact Pete Jackson from the Supporters Trust on pjackson@tust.com and see details on our December Events Page


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  1. Ruby

    Thank you to all at AFC Telford United for making us so welcome at yesterdays launch of #TelfordUCare. It was a great afternoon and we were met with a warm welcome which lasted from the moment we arrived to the time we left. The atmosphere was good and they have a heart for welcoming Carers and the Cared for. They value your feedback on the work they are doing to make AFC Telford a very Disabled Friendly Club. Yesterday showed they are on the journey & that journey can be helped by you our membership.
    It was a pleasure to meet Amanda White AFC Telford’s Carers Champion, Debbie Gibbon Carers Service Manager at the Carers Centre (Please note they move from the Liz Yates Centre, Lightmoor to The Glebe Centre on 16th December 2013) as well as many people from the club.
    If you want to get involved in this ongoing project please contact Peter Jackson from Supporters Trust by emailing pjackson@trust.com
    SDN is looking forward to continuing to work with AFC Telford United. We are so pleased to have reformed our links and appreciate the Members of SDN who are football supporters who have helped us do this.
    So, where you at yesterdays match? If so how about leaving a comment here . Lets get a conversation going. Many thanks.

  2. Pete Jackson

    Thank you for the kind words about your visit yesterday. AFC Telford United try very hard to be inclusive and your comments reflect that. Please do give the Club feedback on how we can get more carers and cared for to the Bucks Head. Thanks again for your support
    Pete Jackson
    AFC Telford Supporters Trust

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