Telford TM (Transverse Myelitis) Support Group


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Address: Ketley Community Centre, Holyhead Road, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire TF1 5AN

The position of Support Group Leader for the Telford SG, is currently available.  Informal enquiries to Les Strachan, TMS Support Groups Co-ordinator.
The Telford & West Midlands (formerly Telford) Support Group is the oldest UK Support Group, starting in 1996.

We are a small informal group with a lot of laughter around the table as we try to share our experience since we all have varying degrees of disabilities. Family or friends are more than welcome to the meetings. We also have members with TM related disorders. ​

This is a  small informal group supporting people with Transverse Myelitis and other disabilities.

TM is a rare disorder, involving an inflammatory attack in the central nervous system. This can happen anywhere along the spinal cord, causing a ‘lesion’ usually visible on an MRI scan.

Attacks are normally one-off episodes, but sometimes recur in different places along the spinal cord. Many people, even if severely affected initially, will make a good recovery within a few months following an attack. But most people are permanently affected to some degree.

Family or friends are also welcome to the meetings.  Coffee/Tea provided. Wheelchair accessible.

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