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Your Voice January-February 2020

Welcome to Shropshire Disability Network’s first newsletter of 2020!

Check out the invitations to the accessible wildlife session with the Beautiful Burial Ground Project and to SDN’s spring Members’ Meeting.

Read the excellent contributions by SDN members, on topics from accessible nature, to fibromyalgia support, to our libraries’ role in health and wellbeing.

Find out about help with computers, refurbished arts and crafts facilities, the chance to meet ponies, all-ability football, hospital engagement meetings, giving your views on home care, and more.

Log in to the Members’ Area at the top right-hand side of this page, and then download your copy of Your Voice by clicking on the link below. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email newsletter@shropshire-disability.net . We would love to receive your comments or ideas.

Your Voice January-February 2020

Long Term Health Conditions Group-Postponed until further notice

Start Date:
30th March 2020

End Date:
30th March 2020

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Long Term Health Conditions Group-Postponed until further notice
Venue: Shrewsbury Library, Castle Gates, Shrewsbury SY1 2AS
Name: Shrewsbury Library
Email: lyndsey.parker@shropshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 01743 255308
Event description: We have received notification that due to the Coronavirus, this group has been postponed until further notice and will not meet on Monday 30th March 2020. Once we receive information on its restart we will let you know.

The group has taken a pause over Christmas and the winter months but is scheduled to go ahead monthly from the end of March.

We are next meeting on the 30th March at 2-3 pm. It will be a very informal meeting with some simple mindfulness activities out (origami, jigsaws, etc), refreshments and just a time to meet people. Anyone living with a long-term health condition is welcome, along with carers/friends etc.

Shrewsbury Library 30 March 2020

Shropshire B.O.T.S (Bums on Tums) 2018 STOMA Open Day

Start Date:
11th October 2018

End Date:
11th October 2018

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Shropshire B.O.T.S (Bums on Tums) 2018 STOMA Open Day
Venue: The Memorial Hall, Smithfield Road, Oswestry SY11 2EG
Name: Shropshire B.O.T.S (Bums on Tums)
Email: ireneconstable@phonecoop.coop
Telephone: 01691 238357
Event description: Join us for our 2018 Stoma Open Day, anytime from 10.30 am to 3 pm at The Memorial Hall, Smithfield Road, Oswestry SY11 2EG
12 Suppliers & Distributors will be displaying their products and offering complimentary samples. Colostomy UK, The Ileostomy Association and The Urostomy Association will also be represented.

There will be lunch time talks by Giovanni Cinque from Colostomy UK and Jo Jones, a representative of the Security Department from Birmingham Airport who will explain how to ensure a smooth passage through airports.

Complimentary light refreshments will be provided and there will also be a raffle.

For more information please feel free to get in touch. Email ireneconstable@phonecoop.coop or call Irene Constable on 01691 238357

Would you be affected if Gluten Free prescribing ceased?

Start Date:
23rd April 2018

End Date:
25th May 2018

NHS Telford and Wrekin CCG would like to hear your views on Gluten Free prescribing. They are  review their policy on gluten free food and are proposing to discontinue prescribing it. This would mean gluten free foods will no longer be available on NHS prescriptions for patients of any age.
The CCG is actively seeking the views of the wider public in addition to people who currently receive prescriptions for gluten free foods. This is because the decisions that the CCG must make, about how to spend its budget has implications for all residents of Telford and Wrekin.
Click this link to see a poster about the survey including a link: POSTER – We want to hear your views on
This link takes you to a briefing document, including a link to the survey and information on affordability and availability of gluten free products sold at various supermarkets. Briefing Document Gluten Free Engagement with link to Survey
This is a letter from NHS Telford and Wrekin CCG to formally explain to you NHS Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group’s proposal to discontinue all NHS prescriptions for gluten free (GF) foods that are prescribed to people with gluten sensitive enteropathies. Click here to read the letter in full Letter Written Briefing Stakeholders V2 GF
The consultation document and survey are available at: www.telfordccg.nhs.uk
The different ways you can take part in this survey. 
You can:
  • Complete a short survey available online: https://tinyurl.com/GlufreeEngApril2018
  • Request a paper copy of the survey to complete by calling 01952 580478 
  • Email any comments to telford.gfprescribing@nhs.net
  • If you wish to share your comments via Telephone please contact 01952 580478

Arthritis Research UK introduce ‘Virtual Assistant’ to provide information and advice to people living with arthritis

Arthritis Research UK and IBM today announced the development of a Watson-powered ‘virtual personal assistant’ to provide information and advice to people living with arthritis. The charity has teamed up with IBM to ensure people seeking help will have access to personalised information from the Arthritis Research UK website, delivered in a form that feels like a natural conversation. The service will be accessible on mobile phones and computers, without the need to download an app. There are currently 300 people with arthritis helping Arthritis Research UK to test and feedback before it is launched publicly on the charity’s website later this year. 

For the millions of people living with the lifelong impact of all kinds of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, finding an answer to questions about their condition can be a challenge. Arthritis affects people in different ways, so for some turning to the internet and sorting through pages of conflicting advice can be daunting and confusing. Every year, Arthritis Research UK’s website receives thousands of personal questions about the impact arthritis has on day to day life, symptoms and treatment options.

 By tapping into IBM’s Watson Conversation API, the charity has found an innovative way for people with arthritis to quickly and easily get answers to questions as soon as it pops into their head – no matter where they are or the time of day. This new service will mean that for the first time Arthritis Research UK will be able to provide every person in the UK seeking information about arthritis, immediate access to the best and most accurate information tailored to them. It will be supported by the charity’s information and enquiries line, where a team will be on hand to help answer detailed or complex questions. 

Liam O’Toole, Chief Executive Officer at Arthritis Research UK, said: “We know that there are millions of people in the UK living with arthritis whose lives are severely limited as they struggle with unanswered questions. We want to ensure that everyone has access to information and support, whenever and wherever they need it.

“We’re really excited to be working with IBM Watson on this innovative new service that will enable us to have conversations with anyone seeking help, that we simply wouldn’t be able to answer so quickly otherwise. We’re confident that this new virtual assistant will help more people push back the ways arthritis limits their lives.”

The digital personal assistant was developed over five months using the charity’s 80 years of research based knowledge and expertise as well as advice from health care professionals, people with arthritis and IBM Watson cognitive computing experts.  Over 350 people with arthritis have been involved during this time, to help develop, test and improve the tool. Initially, the service will be able to provide general information about arthritis and exercise that people can print out or save online.

In time, this knowledge base will grow to enable Arthritis Research UK to answer more questions – including those around diet and treatment options. As IBM Watson learns from each interaction, it will refine the information that is surfaced. Following this, Arthritis Research UK plans to leverage Watson cognitive voice input/output and location services to extend its capabilities, for example to understand questions delivered via speech (versus typed via a keyboard). 

“Arthritis Research UK developed the Watson-powered digital personal assistant themselves, providing a terrific example of how IBM’s open, cloud-based Watson development platform is making cognitive computing broadly accessible to organizations and individuals worldwide,” said Cameron Brooks, IBM European Director for Watson in the Public Sector. “Further, Arthritis Research UK’s use of Watson APIs is a model for organizations thinking about how they might integrate cognitive computing into their services in order to positively impact the lives of people living with a serious health condition.”