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Free Glucose monitors available from NHS

Patients with a learning disability and insulin-treated diabetes can now access a free Flash Glucose Monitor, reveal health leaders at Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Flash Glucose Monitors are now available on the NHS to support people with a learning disability and diabetes, who use insulin to help them stay well. Flash Glucose Monitors help people manage their blood sugar levels which can result in fewer ambulance call outs and hospital visits.

Dr Julian Povey, Joint Chair of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin CCGs, said: “If you have diabetes and use insulin it’s important to understand your blood sugar levels so that you can stay well.

“Flash makes it easier to check your glucose levels and you don’t need as many finger prick tests. It enables you to take action earlier giving patients, families and carers more confidence in managing the condition.

“The Flash monitor collects information about your glucose levels and you can check your own levels by using an App on your phone. You can also share this information with people who support you to keep well and is available on prescription for people with learning disabilities and insulin-treated diabetes.

“During coronavirus, information can also be easily shared with your diabetes team during an appointment online or on the telephone. This enables the diabetes team to review and adjust care appropriately.”

All people with Type 1 diabetes or insulin-treated Type 2 diabetes, who are living with a learning disability, and are recorded on their GP learning disability register are eligible for Flash. They can help people manage their blood sugar levels, which can result in fewer ambulance call_outs and hospital visits.

Patients can raise Flash at their next diabetes routine review with their specialist diabetes nurse or consultant. For patients not currently under specialist care, they should discuss with their GP who may refer them to the diabetes specialist team.

Help using Flash can be provided by diabetes teams, and frequently asked questions about Flash are available here.

Over 50’s can get a flu jab

Health leaders across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin continue to encourage everyone with a long-term health condition to get their free flu vaccination as soon as possible and help protect themselves from the harms of flu.

Evidence shows people who catch flu and COVID-19 at the same time are more likely to need hospitalisation or die.

With COVID-19 infections on the rise, doctors, pharmacists and public health leaders are keen to make sure that eligible patients get their free NHS flu jab as soon as possible, to protect themselves and others from the double risk of flu and COVID-19 and reduce pressures on health services this winter. As from 1st December 2020 anyone 50 and over is entitled to a free flu jab.

Flu is a highly infectious disease and can lead to serious complications in people with an underlying health condition such as bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, immunosuppression or a chronic neurological disease – like multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy.

The free vaccine is available from GP surgeries and pharmacies, and social distancing and safety measures are in place to make sure the vaccine is given in a safe environment.

People with long-term health conditions should ask their GP or pharmacist about the free flu vaccine, it is not to late to ask.

Managing Pavement Parking

Start Date:
1st October 2020

End Date:
31st October 2020

Start Time:

End Time:

The Government has produced a consultation on whether pavement parking should be banned and local authorities given more powers to challenge those who park on the pavements. 

Off-road parking causes major challenges for people with disabilities ie people who use mobility aids, mobility scooters and wheelchairs, have sensory impairments as well as parents and guardians who have babies and children in prams and buggies. Pavement parking can also be a hazard to children and elderly citizens as they also have to step off the pavement and into the road.

SDN says “This consultation is long overdue and we would encourage all our members to take part to bring change. This all comes at a time when disabled people are experiencing numerous challenges accessing towns due to increases in seating for diners on pavements, temporary changes to pavements and cycle ways, removal of parking bays, and cars being excluded from some streets as local authorities attempt to introduce new social distancing measures. We need government to show stronger leadership on ensuring inclusive streetscapes.”

Consultation Description:

Consultation asking whether a change of existing pavement parking legislation should occur.

We are proposing 3 options:

  1. Improving the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process, under which local authorities can already prohibit pavement parking.
  2. A legislative change to allow local authorities with civil parking enforcement powers to enforce against ‘unnecessary obstruction of the pavement’.
  3. A legislative change to introduce a London-style pavement parking prohibition throughout England.

Click on this link to access Pavement Parking: options for change: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/managing-pavement-parking/pavement-parking-options-for-change

Click here to download in PDF Annex A impact assessment pavement parking restrictions: annex-a-impact-assessment-pavement-parking-restrictions

Have you say on this consultation by clicking on this link  https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/managing-pavement-parking

You can also respond to this Consultation by: 

Completing the response that is available to download at this link response form or by emailing  Pavement.parking@dft.gov.uk

Note this consultation closes on Sunday 22nd November 2020

Disabled People feel they are being treated unfairly by the NHS

SDN shares this information from Disability Rights UK. It provides disturbing facts on the views and experiences of  how people with a disability feel they have been treated during the Covid19 pandemic. We thank Disability Rights UK for sharing this information.

Disability Rights UK surveyed 195 people in late June and early July on their experience accessing medical treatment during the pandemic. 191 respondents reported having a disability or long term health condition, 80% (156) of whom reported delays to their treatment as a result of the pandemic.

Respondents reported the following issues because of delays to treatment. Respondents often had more than one issue, the two most common being the worsening of the condition requiring treatment and pain. People reported the following issues as a result of treatment delays:

Worsening of the condition 106
Pain 104
Mental distress 83
Lack of mobility 79
Problems seeing or hearing 18

Less than a 3rd of respondents (30.5%) believed that the NHS understood their personal situation. The number reporting they believed they were being treated fairly was slightly higher: 37.8% of respondents. However that means a large majority of respondents did not feel the NHS understood their personal situation, nor did they feel they were being treated fairly.

Respondents expressed frustration with poor communication from NHS services. Respondents reported appointments being cancelled or indefinitely postponed on short notice, and no information on when treatments or services would resume.

Your Voice March-April 2019

Welcome to a springtime edition of Your Voice!

Inside we celebrate 50 years of a national charity based in Ellesmere, two new patrons for Shropshire Disability Network (SDN), inclusive “parkruns” in Shropshire and the services of an SDN member based in Whitchurch.

We bring you updates on Shrewsbury Big Town Plan, See and Hear Shropshire Exhibition, Citizens Advice Shropshire’s opening hours, pension credit and taxi licensing. We also bring you the first in a series of SDN articles related to safeguarding.

Log in to the Members’ Area at the top right-hand side of this page, and then download your copy of Your Voice by clicking on the link below. If you have suggestions for future editions, please email newsletter@shropshire-disability.net . We will be happy to receive your comments.

Your Voice March-April 2019

Diabetes Awareness-Gobowen

Start Date:
1st June 2017

End Date:
8th June 2017

Start Time:
1.45 pm

End Time:
4.30 pm

Event title: Diabetes Awareness-Gobowen
Venue: All Saints Church Hall, Chirk Road, Gobowen, SY11 3LL
Name: Shropshire RCC
Email: susie.hancock@shropshire-rcc.org.uk
Telephone: 01743 342160
Event description: This is a two part programme. The first session takes place on Thursday 1st June & the second session is the following week, Thursday 8th June. At the first session you will receive information on how lifestyle changes can help to manage Diabetes.

The second session is about lifestyle changes can help to manage Diabetes.

Entry is free of charge to people with Diabetes, their families and anyone who is concerned about developing the condition. Everyone is welcome but places must be booked in advance by email to susie.hancock@shropshire-rcc.org.uk or by calling 01743 342160

Diabetes Awareness

Start Date:
16th May 2017

End Date:
23rd May 2017

Start Time:
1.45 pm

End Time:
4.30 pm

Event title: Diabetes Awareness
Venue: Worthen Village Hall, Worthen, SY5 9HT
Name: Shropshire RCC
Email: lisa.darkin@shropshire-rcc.org.uk
Telephone: 01743 342160
Event description: This Diabetes Awareness Programme Part is in two parts. The first being on Tuesday 16th May and the following Tuesday 23rd May. 

The first session of  this two part programme will provide information on how lifestyle changes can help to manage Diabetes. The second session of a two part programme of information on how lifestyle changes can help to manage Diabetes.

Entry is free of charge to people with Diabetes, their families and anyone who is concerned about developing the condition. Everyone is welcome.

Places must be booked in advance by emailing  susie.hancock@shropshire-rcc.org.uk or by telephoning 01743 342160