Sue Bott CBE, gives evidence to MP’s on disability & the built environment

Sue Bott, CBE Deputy CEO Disability Rights UK together with Zara Todd, Chair, Inclusion London, and Jolie Goodman, Manager and Lead Facilitator, Mental Health Foundation gives evidence to MP’s on disability & the built environment.

Members will remember Sue addressing our members at our AGM in 2014. Courtesy of Disability Rights UK, we share with you the video of the meeting that took place on 26th October 2016.

While the video is long, it is very interesting & very worthwhile watching, covering-accessibility to public buildings ie shops, hotels (includes reference to a hotel in Shrewsbury!), the working environment. hearing loops and much more,  It also touches on shared spaces & transport issues but that is subject to a different report. Later in the video, they include details of planning regulations, building regulations where it applies & guidance plus it features Equality Act information.

Click here to watch the video:

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