State of Caring Survey

Carers UK have launched their 2019 “State of Caring Survey” It is the UK’s most comprehensive research into the lives and experience of family carers. More than 7000 carers completed it is 2018.

The time you take to respond to the survey provides Carers UK with incredibly important evidence that enables them to:

  • Campaign for more support for carers and those that you care for
  • Understand how services and support are delivered, and influence the people that commission and design support for carers
  • Gather evidence of the impact of policy changes made by the UK and devolved governments

This survey is open until Friday 24th May 2019 but don’t wait to then, take part in it now by clicking this link

Carers UK need your evidence to push carers up the agenda for policy makers and to campaign for recognition and change. In the next year Carers UK want to bring your voice and experience to the heart of decisions. This is what they want to do:

  • Spending on care and support services: The way carers are recognised and supported will be a key part of the Government’s social care policy proposals expected soon. Decisions made will affect carers in England but also social care spending across the UK.
  • Financial support for carers: Campaigning to improve financial support for carers remains our top priority and we’d like to hear about how caring has affected your finances both in the short term and how you are able to save for the future.
  • Improving carers health and well-being: How the NHS puts into practice commitments to act on identifying and supporting carers earlier and ensuring they have plans in place for when they need the back up of health and care services. We also want to understand how we could support people who are caring to look after their mental and physical health by being more active. We know that carers face challenges to taking part in exercise or sport and we’re keen to see how we can help address those.

For more information, visit Carers UK website at this link:

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