South Shropshire Youth Service

Young people telling it like it is! This survey is open to Youth, Parent/Carers and children.

South Shropshire Youth Network is interested in what young people find important and then helping to make it happen. They will follow this up with focus groups to dig down to get some more nitty gritty detail.

They’re talking to young people in the streets and running a 5 minute online no strings attached survey at this link which includes categories like climate change, travel, community clubs and groups and the environment :

Note: This survey ends on Monday 21st June 2021

The results will be shared at the online Youth Conference events 28 June – 10 July.

Follow @southshropsyouthforum on Facebook for what happens next.

You can join them at the on-line Youth Conference for South Shropshire when there will be a number of events from 28th June to Saturday 10th July 2021

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