Social drop-in at Dig Aspergers

Start Date:
2nd June 2016

End Date:
2nd June 2016

Start Time:
5 pm

End Time:
9.00 pm

Event title: Social drop-in at Dig Aspergers
Venue: Appletree Studios, Ludlow SY8 1RU
Name: Louise Edwards
Telephone: 01584 875633
Event description: Dig Aspergers is a drop-in group for adults with Aspergers Syndrome.

Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly, relaxed atmosphere where aspies feel comfortable and welcome. Dig Aspergers is where the aspie mindset is the accepted norm and you can just be yourself without being made to feel different.

We get together to chat, play games, use the computers and enjoy socialising or just being in an aspie environment. You don’t have to stay the whole time, drop in when you can, a welcome is assured.

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