Signal’s summer news from Shropshire & Africa

The sun is streaming in through the window as I write to you today, and the sun has certainly been shining on Signal’s projects to help break down the barriers to independence – in social, economic and political life – for people who are deaf or who have hearing impairments. 

In the attached Summer Issue of Wave, Signal’s Chairman Rod Clark announces a momentous development in Shropshire, and our International Programmes Manager Karen Goodman-Jones gives a personal account of the work which is giving deaf children and young people in Uganda and Tanzania a better and a fairer start in life.  Our partners in Zambia are also the subject of The Wave Interview

With all this sunny news, we must not forget that there is much more to do and much hard work to come, as evidenced by requests to our partners in Uganda to expand the programme there, so that deaf children in neighbouring areas can enjoy the same “fairer start.”  There is a suggestion at the end of Wave, too, of how you may be able to help the industrious deaf students in Tanzania on their path towards an independent future. 

Please do share Wave with people you know, particularly if they live in Shropshire, so that ever more people can benefit from our ongoing local initiatives, such as the Sign Language classes.  We will update you on our busy programme in Malawi in the Autumn Issue, but do also keep an eye on our website, if you can, to keep in touch with Signal’s news in the UK and Africa in between times:

Click the link for a PDF copy of the newsletter: Wave_Summer 2014

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