Sight Opportunity Groups (SLOGs) Activities-June 2019

All sessions are FREE unless otherwise stated.

Oswestry Group meets on Wednesday 5th June, 10 am to 2 pm 

We have our trip to Heulwen Trust, Gungrog Farm, Gungrog, Welshpool SY21 9HW

Kate and Steve, our Shrewsbury volunteers, will meet you at Heulwen Trust for 10:00 am.  You will be enjoying a scenic canal boat trip through some of the most beautiful Welsh countryside. Don’t forget to take along some lunch and a drink.   

Ludlow Group meets on Monday 10th June, 10.10 am -12.30 pm at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre,  Market St, Craven Arms SY7 9RS

We will all meet at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre for a walk around their riverside meadows.  The Onny Meadow walk is listed as being an easy walk for the family with a distance of 1.5 miles.  They suggest allowing yourself 30-90 minutes to complete the route.

The walk will visit their dragonfly hotspot, traditional hay meadow, orchards and the river Onny.  You may want to end the walk by relaxing with a coffee and cake in their café. 

I have arranged for Dial A Ride to be at St Peters Church Hall at 10:10 am, for those who need transport. Liz, our volunteer, will meet you at St Peters to travel with you on the bus. For those of you who have not yet let me know about transport, please call or email me so that we don’t risk leaving anyone behind.  Telephone number 01743 342168/342163 or email us at  or  

Shrewsbury Cycling at Sundorne Sports Village-Wednesday 19th June, 11 am-12 noon

Our regular cycling session at Sundorne Sports Village will be taking place.

Due to the costs there will be a minimum number of 4 to participate.  Should you wish to take part, please book yourself on by ringing on 01743 342168/342163 or emailing us at or  We need to know by 15:00 pm on the 3rd Monday of each month before the event on the Wednesday.

You can of course cycle at the Sports Village, every Wednesday, 13:00 – 15:00, for more information please contact Christian Smith the Sports Development Officer at Shrewsbury on 0345 0007 002.

Shrewsbury group meets on Monday 24th June, 2 pm-4 pm at The Lion Hotel, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UY

We are meeting at the Lion Hotel and will be joined by West Mercia Police, for a Home and Personal Safety talk. Most people already take simple precautions as part of their everyday lives, without realising it. Staying safe is all about anticipating potential problems by listening and being aware of what and who’s around you, and knowing what action to take to stay out of danger.

All SLOG Groups

Due to some activities needing a deposit to secure the booking we now need an expression of interest, please, initially to book the event, followed by confirmation of your attendance two weeks prior to the event, or sooner if you can.  We understand that things can change on the day, this cannot be helped.

The activities where we ask for a small contribution, we will need a minimum of 6 people to participate before we can book the event.  Can we ask that you let us know by contacting us on 01743 342168/342163 or emailing us at   or

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