Sight Loss Opportunity Group-Ludlow

Start Date:
10th February 2020

End Date:
10th February 2020

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Sight Loss Opportunity Group-Ludlow
Venue: St. Peter’s Church Hall, Henley Road, Ludlow SY8 1QZ
Name: Shropshire RCC
Email: or
Telephone: 01743 342168/342163
Event description: Today we will be joined by Shropshire, Staffordshire & Cheshire Blood Bikes for a talk about what they do. Across the UK there are groups similar operating for the benefit of their local area. Through co-operation between these groups, they link together to form the Blood Bike Network, which provides a vital service up and down the country, saving the NHS money on taxis – and most importantly, saving lives!

SLOG’s groups offer all kinds of interesting and adventurous activities to encourage people who have sight loss to keep active, stay confident, meet and make new friends and have some fun. Please contact us for a programme.

We provide Information, advice, friendship and support for people with a visual loss.

For more information contacting us on 01743 342168/342163 or emailing us at or

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