Shropshire Warriors Wheelchair Basketball Team

shrop warriorsWe recently established a team in Shropshire in June 2012 after noticing there is a severe lack of high quality sporting options for disabled athletes. There are a few disabled sports clubs about in the West Midland region but none that were solely into competitive competition.

We approached Shropshire Warriors as they are a large basketball team for abled bodied athletes and have a great development programme. They opened their arms to us immediately and we formed a partnership there and then.

Currently we have 9 members who have either played internationally, European and at a very high level in previous national league teams.

Our aim for the future is to progress to the highest division and set up a junior programme. There is no better reward than developing a young player and seeing them progress to an elite status. I know this personally as I have helped develop a young player in the past who is currently in the Great Britain Junior set up. Each individual in our team has been in the basketball scene for over ten years and we would like to give back our knowledge and develop the future of the sport.

So far this season we have been undefeated. With our vast experience we hope to dominate the league and move straight into promotion which we are well on target for!

As you can imagine every sporting club comes with its costs and takes up a lot of our volunteers spare time getting court hire, table officials, fixtures and referees paid and organised we manage ok at the moment but this strain could be eased by a willing company that would be interested in donating any sort of funding or donation.

Whether it be (clothing, food, storage, banners, food, stickers, key chains, raffle prizes)

We obviously know that you can’t get something from nothing so we offer services for anyone willing to help our club.

  • We can attend any open days / promotional days.
  • We are happy to have our pictures on any company publications
  • Will advertise companies via our playing kit / warm up kit across the nation and/or banners and posters.
  • We can provide companies with a Team Building day which would introduce your work colleagues to a fast paced rough and ready highly popular wheelchair sport.


Want to know more? Contact:


Tom DochertyTeam Manager / Player / Coaching Staff

Shropshire Warriors





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