Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing join forces to help tenants with fuel costs.

Don’t miss out on joining together by making purchase of heating oil cheaper for you readiness for winter!

Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing have teamed up with Shropshire’s Rural Community Council (RCC) and local credit unions to offer access to cheaper oil to their tenants.

The oil-buying scheme is aimed at bringing communities together to make the most of joint buying power, so that greater savings can be made and passed on to customers.  Typically a person ordering the minimum of 500 litres can save up to £25 on their order.

The scheme, set up by Shropshire RCC, can reduce the cost of domestic heating oil each time an order is placed.  All tenants need to do to take advantage of the scheme is simply complete a membership form and pay an annual membership fee of £24, which will cover as many oil orders as they need during the course of the year.  For those in financial hardship, the membership fee could be waived.

With the colder months just around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about filling up the oil tank.  The order deadlines are:

  • Tuesday 22 October
  • Tuesday 19 November  – last order date before Christmas

Tenants who may not be able to afford the upfront cost for their oil can apply for a short- term loan from their local credit union.

Sue Adams, Managing Director for ShropshireTowns and Rural Housing, recently said:

“This is a great opportunity for tenants who rely on oil to heat their homes and who may struggle to afford large payments, to take advantage of the oil buying scheme.  Too many people live in fuel poverty and cannot afford to put oil in their tank, so any saving on price is a bonus plus.   This is a great offer and one well worth considering; I would encourage any tenant who has oil heating to sign up to their local scheme.”

There are also environmental benefits to the scheme, as bulk buying helps to reduce the number of oil tankers on Shropshire’s roads, thereby reducing Shropshire’s carbon footprint.

Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing tenants can sign up to the scheme by contacting Caroline Morris at Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing  on 07852 005479.

To find out more about the oil bulk-buying scheme in Shropshire, contact the Shropshire RCC on 01743 342167.

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