Shropshire and Mid-Wales Pituitary Group (closed 2014)

Every one of us, Men, Women and Children have a Pituitary Gland. The Shropshire and Mid Wales Pituitary Group is a Support Group for those suffering a Pituitary Condition. The Group holds Open Meetings to give those who suffer a Pituitary Condition, their Families and Carers the opportunity to meet with and to chat to others in a relaxed, friendly environment  over a cup of tea or coffee, to find out more about their condition. The Open Meetings are valuable for those with a Pituitary Condition to know they are not alone. The main aim of the group is to raise awareness of Pituitary Conditions.

Message from Christine -Co-Ordinator of SMWP-29th November 2014

Due to lack of attendance at the SMWPG AGM today Saturday 29th November 2014 & the fact that no nominations were received for Committee Members, those present at the AGM decided that, due to these facts, a decision could not be made about the future of the group, the group
has been ‘suspended’ with a view to the group being ‘wound up’.
I would like to thank those who have helped and supported SMWPG over the past ‘Four Years’ for their support to SMWPG at Raising Awareness Days and Raising Awareness Events.

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