Shropshire & Mid Wales Crohn’s & Colitis Support Group



National Telephone helpline: 0300 222 5700

Contact via the National helpline on 0845 130 2233.

Do you live in Ceredigion, Powys or Shropshire?

Do you have Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or another form of IBD?

… or do you know someone who does?

Do you ever feel that you are alone in your struggles?


As a group we cover one of the largest geographical areas in all of Great Britain. While we may not have the population of London or the Midlands, that doesn’t mean that those with IBD in Shropshire and Wales should not have a support group for them – and that is exactly what we are.

We cover all of Shropshire, Powys and Ceredigion; so if you yourself have IBD or just love someone who does – you will always be welcome with us.

Events and meetings are organised throughout the year, all over Shropshire and Mid-Wales. Whether you are looking for more information, advice or support, would like to take part in fun and activities, or want to meet others like yourselves and share stories with one another – then join us.

Whether you have just recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s or Colitis, or have spent the majority of your life fighting a seemingly unwinnable battle against this incurable disease – we are here for all of you. No matter how far away you are or how alone you feel, remember – you are neither!

Contact us on Facebook: ccukshropshiremidwales or Twitter: @CCUKShropsMWales

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