Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership



Telephone: 01691 656882

The Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership is a consortium of several voluntary sector organisations, all of which provide support to other voluntary and community groups across Shropshire. By working together the partners can maximise the impact of their services.

Infrastructure support is the term used to describe practical activities that support, develop, coordinate and promote voluntary and community groups to help them to deliver their work more effectively.

This could include:

help to promote their work

• recruit volunteers

• comply with legislation

• manage money and resources effectively

identify the needs of their users

• understand the impact of their work

• link up their work with other groups

• understand wider strategic developments

Services offered include:

• Training: We offer an extensive training programme based on consultation with the sector via a training and needs analysis.

• Funding: We offer funding advice via:

o fairs and workshops

o one to one advice

o support to understand the funding environment

• Monitoring & Evaluation. We offer:

  • o advice and information on methods and good practice
  • o training opportunities and briefing sessions
  • o toolkits and resources
  • o subsidised end of project external evaluations

• SIP also act as a Shropshire Volunteering Hub

• and holds meetings where groups can exchange views and experiences.

The site will also publicise events and activities in 3 areas: North Shropshire, Central Shropshire and South Shropshire.  See also The Community Council of Shropshire

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