Shropshire Disability Network Gold Challenge 2014


Congratulations to SDN Vic’s Victors who reached 2014 km on 31st October 2014-they will continue clocking up the kms until the end of the year. Further details, go to the bottom of this page & click on the words “click here”

A new Gold Challenge for SDN, so what is it? It’s exciting & we are looking for team members as well as organisations to put teams in & join us. May be you can not form or join one of our teams but could sponsor one of our teams. Or you know of a business who would sponsor us! 

We have joined in with the Gold Challenge 2014 linked to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow because due to technical difficulties the Geoff Forgie Memorial Disability Challenge for 2014 has had to be postponed but we hope it will be back in 2015. 

So what is this all about? The Gold Challenge 2014 builds on the legacy of London 2012. It is a fun free way for everyone across the UK to be a bit more active, fitter, healthier while celebrating the upcoming Commonwealth Games. For us at SDN, it is even more than that as we can raise awareness of SDN and aim to raise £2014 for our funds! 

There are two challenges, both can be done alone or in teams of 10. 

The Mini Challenge. This is to clock up 201.4 km (125.14 miles) by 31st December 2014 or 

2014 Challenge. This is to clock up 2014 km (1251.44 miles) by 31st December 2014 tells us, don’t worry if you miss to complete it by 31/12/2014 as you will still be able to log your details. 

How can you take part? Do you go to the gym? Walk the dog, use a self propelled wheelchair, go swimming, cycling, walking, rowing, use a motorised bike. Any thing you do that is Physical exercise that causes you to breathe harder and your heart to beat faster can be counted so that includes housework, gardening. If you play football, wheelchair tennis/basket ball, bocca, rugby,…it can all count. May be, you should go to the gym/swimming more often but need an incentive. There are many ways we can get active ie walk to the shops instead of using the car, get off the bus at an earlier stop even meet friends for a cuppa but arrange to meet 10 minutes earlier and have a stroll first. Perhaps you have intended doing the Park Run, but not got round to it! How about it now?  If so please consider signing up to our challenges. 

What this is not about? Being better than your other team members (we can encourage each other, that is different) or going overboard, hurting yourself and causing pain or injury. Every km you do helps your team. Remember 0.1 or 0.25 of a km counts as well!

SDN have already signed up three teams: The SDN Gold Challengers and SDN Vic’s Victors. SDN Landau Challenge. Welcome aboard Sandra a lady from our Fundraising Sub Group who has taken on the Mini Challenge alone. Sandra is walking rescue dogs for her challenge, so this is two fold, raising awareness & money for us & helping a local dog kennels! SDN are also pleased to have Sisters 4 SDN who are raising money & awareness of SDN join us.

Both SDN Gold Challengers & SDN Vic’s Victors registered by us are looking for recruits! Km’s are already being clocked up by the people who have already registered. We will have a launch enabling us to raise awareness & funding. All teams will have a sponsorship form but we are looking at additional sponsorship. A member is interested in doing the mini challenge alone! 

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