Shropshire Disability Network Gold Challenge 2014

Teams Registered so far are: 

SDN Gold Challengers has 7 members we need another 3 members as one member has decided not to take part. At 3/11/2014 they have clocked up 2301 km having reached the target of 2014 km on 5th October. They have moved up to 22nd position out of 185 teams on the Leader Board! 

SDN Vic’s Victors has 4 members, we still need another 6 members. At 3/11/2014 they have clocked up a massive 2030 km having reached 2014 km on 31st October. They have moved up to 33rd place on the Leader Board! (185 teams taking part) Well done to Vic, who is placed 56th on the Individual Leader Board with a massive 1106 kms clocked to date.

Both the teams above need sponsorship as this is our main fundraiser of 2014 so please if you can sponsor the team just £1 make contact with us, or if you want to have a sponsorship form, please contact Why not support either team by sponsoring km’s clocked in excess of the target of 2014 km by 31st December 2014

Sisters 4 SDN, a team of police ladies have clocked up 1620 km & have moved up to 45th place on the leader board!

Interested in joining one of the above teams or forming a team of your own or going it alone?  It does not matter if you normally do a lot of exercise or none you only need to play your part however big or small. Every step soon adds up.

 There is an advantage in this virtual challenge as there is no need to be in a particular place at a particular time so you can make it work for you. Arrange to meet up from time to time, so it becomes fun & social. 

What we will do: SDN will provide & issue all sponsorship forms for you to use.

                                 Promote teams and individuals taking part. 

Sign up today or find out more by emailing 

How you can help us/Information You need to know? 

  • Join one of our teams. We have 3 teams registered for the 2014 Challenge, 1 Team registered for the Mini Challenge & an individual doing the Mini Challenge. We can register more!
  • Register a team of your own with family and friends or work colleagues but please let us know first. You DO NOT need to know all 10 people who will be in your team to sign up!
  • Do one of the challenges alone & fund raise for us as well as raise awareness of SDN!
  • May be you can’t join a team but would like a sponsorship form to get sponsors for us, that would be appreciated by us.
  • May be you would volunteer to help when we do our launch/awareness events.
  • If you have another idea of how you can help us, please make contact with us.
  • Promotion of this challenge would be appreciated.
  • Share your ideas with us. Good stories of what we do can be submitted to the Commonwealth Games and who knows we may appear on their website! 

How SDN can help You? 

  • May be you are “put off” by having to log the km’s, no need to worry tell us and we can log them for you.
  • Never worked in kilometres? Then let us know and we will convert the miles, yards etc into kilometres.
  • Gardening, housework! How do you convert that into a measurement? Contact us as we have been provided with a conversion chart so can guide you.
  • Not sure whether what form of exercise you are doing would count towards a challenge, then ask us.
  • SDN will report regularly on how we are doing.
  • SDN will promote via our website, newsletter and social media & other ways your support for us. 
  • May be you want to make a donation to a team on this Challenge. Or you know a Company who would sponsor us, then please contact us.
  • Did you know you can make a donation to us by using Paypal? 

Join us for our launch/awareness event on Saturday 27th September 9 am The Dingle, The Quarry Park, Shrewsbury. All details under events tab on this website.

Please help us reach out with Shropshire Disability Network Gold Challenge 2014 by contacting us now for more information.

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