Shropshire Deaf and Hard of Hearing Forum – Shropshire Deafness Association

Hugh Battersby has let us know of a questionnaire from the Shropshire Deafness Association.

The Forum committee is circulating the attached questionnaire at the request of Shropshire Deafness Association (formerly Shropshire Christian Association Among.Deaf People).  Our committee fully supports the SDA questionnaire. I set out below a message from James Cousins of SDA:-
“Shropshire Deafness Association would be extremely grateful if you could complete this survey about the services available to people with hearing loss in the county of Shropshire.  We are hoping to gather as much information as possible from service users and providers so that we can design projects and
services that may fill in any gaps.   Many thanks for your help.  James Cousins.”
Please use the link below:

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