Shropshire Council Adult Care Service Surveys – We Have A Question or Two!

Have you received a copy of the Shropshire Council Adult Care Service Survey? If so we strongly advise that you complete it. (Note this is part of a National drive to improve services!) 

People are talking to SDN about the impact of the reduction in Personal Budgets. We are hearing from people having to pay back money allocated in personal budgets and people are sharing their concerns about the potential for more Day Centre Closures.

If you are being affected SDN would like to hear from you about the impact it is having on your life as well as those who care for you. Particularly if you are one of those individuals who are on a personal budget. 

Shropshire Council has recently sent out surveys to more than 900 who receive adult social care in Shropshire asking for their views as part of a national drive to improve services. Several authorities across the country have joined forces and are asking for service users views on how they view the quality of care they receive from their local authority. This is a Government initiative which runs until 7th March 2014 requiring all councils providing adult social care services to take part. 

Councillor Lee Chapman cabinet member for adult services said 

“We are working very hard to talk to people who use adult services as much as possible about the way things are changing, such as through our Live Life Your Way Facebook page and the ongoing Making it Real project.

“The Adult Social Care Survey is a national initiative and we would urge anyone who receives a questionnaire to make sure they fill it in.  People can ask a member of their family or a friend to help if needed, and we can provide large print and easy read versions, so please take your chance to tell us what you think. Your opinions and experiences are vital.”

Results from previous surveys have helped to identify which services were valued the most, and the areas where further improvements could be made. The results were influencing the ongoing development of services, and this year’s results will be used in the same way.

Councillor Chapman added:

“Recent surveys have showed that people are experiencing a better quality of life year-on-year, but that people would like to have more control over their daily life.

“We are aiming to give more choice and control over services, and want to hear how this is working for people.

“By taking every opportunity to involve people at the centre of our services, they can continue to shape the future of adult social care and help us to ensure services are what they want and need.”

The sample of people being surveyed has been taken from people receiving, or people who have received, care and support services from Shropshire Council in the past year. 

SDN are inviting Councillor Chapman to tell us

  • How people were chosen to receive a survey?

  • What was the process used to send these surveys out?

We are also interested to hear from you, our members and supporters. Have you received a survey? If so: 

  • Have you completed it?

  • If so was it easy to complete?

  • If you have received a survey and have decided not to complete it, can you tell us why you have decided this. 

SDN would appreciate people emailing us about the survey or any concerns they have about cuts to their personal budgets or feared closures of Day Centres in Shropshire. SDN is the “Voice” for anyone with a disability, their families and Carers across the whole county of Shropshire including Telford & Wrekin. Email your concerns to 

Note SDN will NOT publish any personal information on this website or to anyone else without your permission. 

If you have received a survey, please seriously consider completing it with your facts and experiences so that this national drive shows a complete and true picture. 

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