Shropshire Alcohol Strategy 2016-19

Start Date:
11th July 2016

End Date:
22nd August 2016

Start Time:
00.01 am

End Time:
23.59 pm

The Shropshire Community Safety Partnership is seeking your views on how the misuse of alcohol should be tackled locally through the latest strategy. 

Please read this information and strategy draft-alcohol-strategy-2016-19 before giving feedback.

Alcohol, as part of our culture is used to relax, socialise, celebrate or commiserate key life events, when drinking sensibly the harms associated with alcohol is low.  Once people start to increase the amounts and frequency of their drinking the detrimental effects of alcohol can be exposed either through poor relationships, ill health, work as well as crime and anti-social behaviour.

To tackle the harms associated with alcohol misuse the approach we are taking is to reduce problematic drinking behaviour, including reducing the early onset of drinking in young people, whilst working with business to ensure the day and night-time economy flourishes.  This can only be achieved by businesses, local health, social care and criminal justice agencies working together.  We also want to help people to make informed choices about their own drinking choices by understanding the damage long term regular and excessive drinking can have on their health.

The 2016 – 2019 Strategy seeks to galvanise the work of partners to promote sensible drinking and create environments where rowdy and drunken behaviour is not perceived as acceptable and where people can feel safe to enjoy their leisure time.  Continuing with the key themes of the last strategy, this strategy strives to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Protecting Communities
  • Improving Health and Well Being
  • Protecting Children and Young people from alcohol related harm
  • Creating capacity

This is your opportunity to have your say in shaping Shropshire’s new Alcohol Strategy which aims to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol across the life course.  We would like to know what you think about how we propose to tackle alcohol misuse in the county and welcome your views on any areas you feel needs further development.  

To take part & include feedback click on this link:

Please respond by the engagement deadline of Monday 22 August. If you have any questions regarding the strategy please contact Gavin Hogarth by e-mail at

SDN says there appears to be no way of taking part if you do not use email, so we suggest you call 0345 678 9000 for help.

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