Shrewsbury’s Quarry Swimming Pool-Survey closes on Monday 5th January 2015!

Start Date:
21st December 2014

End Date:
6th January 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

Would the possible closure, relocation of Shrewsbury’s Quarry swimming pool affect you? Or would you benefit by a refurbishment, its possible closure and a new pool being built? There are endless questions we can ask, and it is very important that you, our members have the opportunity to take part in a survey on how proposals may affect you for better or worse. We are THE place for disability information in Shropshire & give people with a disability and their carers a “VOICE” so if there are areas that need to be considered that would help you with your disability use future facilities now is a golden opportunity to have a “voice” & hopefully influence decisions.

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The survey which takes about 5 minutes to complete can be found by clicking here

It is being conducted by The Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum to better understand how the four indoor & one outdoor pools are used. The survey not only looks at usage but the mode of transport used to get to the complex as well as what else people do when visiting pool ie shopping, work, study, leisure.


What if you can not access the survey on-line! While the survey takes no more than 5 minutes to complete on line, hard copies of the survey can be obtained from any member of The Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum and they are being distributed in town, at Shrewsbury Park run etc


Background: Shrewsbury Quarry pool is long overdue for refurbishment. Usage data collected by Shropshire Council so far suggests the number of pools could be halved! The 33 metre six-lane Quarry pool could be replaced by a 25 metre pool with eight lanes wide. The future model for refurbishing, rebuilding or relocating the pool is for a 25 metre eight lane pool and a learner pool of 10 metres by 17 metres.


Once data has been collected it will help Shropshire Council analyse the options for the centre. More information on what Shropshire Council says can be found here


There time scale for this survey is very short, especially as we have the festive season & New Year upon us. The survey closes at 12 noon on Monday 5th January 2015 so if you want a say, please complete it now.

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