Shrewsbury Sight Loss Group (Slogs)

Start Date:
25th April 2016

End Date:
25th April 2016

Start Time:
1.30 pm

End Time:
4 pm

Event title: Shrewsbury Sight Loss Group (Slogs)
Venue: Pengwern Boat Club, Kingsland, Shrewsbury, SY3 7BD
Name: Rachel Whitney
Telephone: 01743 342163
Event description: Today we are going to the Pengwern Boat Club for our meeting giving you the opportunity to experience rowing.

What to expect:

We expect to go into the Boat House for an initial chat and then have time to go on the rowing machines in the club house before going outside when we will find out more about the boats themselves and familiarise ourselves. If we are happy then folks can get into boats with the help of volunteers and experienced people from the boat house to do some simple exercises on the river itself. No one will be made to do anything they aren’t comfortable with and we will have lots of sighted helpers for the day.

A note about clothing:

Please do not wear jeans! It’s best to wear sports clothes and trainers (waterproof if it’s raining). Also, no ‘open pockets’ either wear clothes with no pockets or pockets that can be zipped up – this is because sometimes the oars can get caught in people’s pockets.

Directions if you are driving are:

Come along the A488 Porthill Road and turn left after the Boat House pub (or right before it, depending on which way you are coming from) then proceed over the cattle grid down to the Pengwern boat club where you will find parking right next to the club.

If you need any more information on anything above please do contact Rachel on 01743 342163 or

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