Shop safely this season

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course Christmas fast approaching, it’s a busy time for shopping so here are a few reminders to help you shop safely and at the same time raise funds for Shropshire Disability Network. 

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Whether you’re a seasoned online shopper, or doing a bit more of it at the moment, here are some top tips on keeping you and your money safe.

Watch out for fraud and scams

  • Fake emails and texts are doing the rounds – be careful of out of the blue or suspicious emails, texts or phone calls that appear to be from a genuine organisation or company. Fraudsters use these fake emails as a way to steal your personal information. If in any doubt, don’t click on any links or download files.
  • Never pay to secure a prize you’ve won online, like a social media giveaway or a lottery win. Don’t give them your personal details either – they’re just as valuable to criminals as cash.
  • Always be cautious of who you give your personal details to, like name, email address or home address. And never give away something that can be used for security questions, like your mother’s maiden name
  • Check your transactions and statements for card payments you don’t recognise. Some companies have a different trading name, if you are unsure about any transaction, contact your bank and they will help you.
  • Remember, fraudsters are really convincing. If anyone gets in touch and asks for information such as login details, passcodes, access to your device or tells you to transfer money from your account – don’t do it, it’s a scam. End your contact with them and get in touch with your bank straight away. 

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